Returning to Falconbridge (sp?)

Leaving the Cairn of the Winter King, we used the Crown of the Winter to pilot the flying ship back to the town. We returned to find a village in desolation. The only people we encountered were extremely dodgy halflings, who were carting corpses around town. We happened to have two corpses (the two townsfolk who helped pilot the ship to the Cairn) and we offered the bodies to them. They took the corpses, but when we attempted to follow them to the temple of the Ravenqueen, they jumped us. One halfling took off with the bodies in a wheelbarrow. We killed two, and then captured the fourth, and tied him up. When we asked why he attacked us, he said that they were just trying to rob us. We took an extended rest in one of the town’s abandoned inns, and that’s basically where we broke off. We intended to visit the temple of the Ravenqueen next.


It’s Fallcrest. Glad you’re posting here!

Returning to Falconbridge (sp?)

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